Stockholm’s Refugee Crisis

What can architects do during a national crisis situation? Not sit around, Duh! This is part of an orientation course during my study at KTH where students were challenged with a task of finding a way to become involved somehow. Collaborators in the group found a place where young runaways end up once they cross into Sweden. The organization asked if we could help make the space where they are accommodated at feel more cozy. We found that the main entry space was the one that needed the most attention. The end product became a success as we provided them with better lighting, seating, and new ways of interacting with the space such as a chalk wall but the most important thing was that we were able to engage with the actually inhabitants and include them into the design process. A wall of images which frames a portrait of each inhabitant gives them a sense of belonging and inclusion.

In collaboration with KTH Architecture students: Siri Lindberg, Ellin Svensson, Daniel Zellin, Josephine Howes, Mia Modig, Jan Šolar, Jean-Phillipe Guignard, Malin, Valuskova, and Eva Dahlbäck.

Sketch Render of space to show client
the boyz
The Boys
Meeting with the staff
Entry area before remodel
Reduce clutter and make more homey
Create sense of family
Laser Etched signs

final 1final 4final 7final 14


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