About Me

Stephen Hsueh was born and raised on the northside of Chicago. Growing up in the city he only cared about one thing and that was skateboarding. It eventually led him to discover art and design through skateboarding’s creative community. Skateboarding exposed him to meeting a diverse group of people ranging from many different backgrounds and cultures. Through those people, he was inspired to use his newly found passion for art and design to help make his community more connected and proud of being where they are from. The design Stephen strives for is usually highly collaborative – often taking site context, quality of life, environmental and community goals as his main objectives. The project design process is usually seen through an optimistic and naive outlook – often the projects he works on will take on a character that is manic in nature. Stephen hopes that every project can take on a unique character and not have any aesthetic or theoretical relationships that can be found in your ‘traditional’ pretense of architecture styles or schools of thought. Stephen believes architecture is a service to the people and not to the ego of one’s success. Though the initial actions and discovery process may start to be naive, the end goal is to produce pragmatic solutions while making an impact that can truly bond the community with a sense of place and belonging. For the culture.